Our Story

Founded in 2012 with experience amassed from APAC, EMEA and the USA, we approach every client with a unique perspective, fine-tuned to thrive on a global scale. Businesses are under pressure to deliver whether it’s results, growth, survival or to release further capital value. Most businesses do not have the resources, knowledge and processes to build new revenue streams whilst not losing site of the day to day challenges. Staying relevant and growing has never been more in demand and IBT can deliver a full end-to-end service that compliments the existing business, adds immediate value and enables you to stay focused on your core activity.

Our extensive background in the Retail, Wholesale, E-Commerce and distribution ensures our ability to drive change and find strategic solutions that give your business a competitive advantage swiftly and successfully.S

We tackle intricate projects head-on, with integrity and forward-thinking and invite innovative solutions that carry your business into cutting-edge territory. Staying true to our core values, Investor Brands Tech works closely with our clients to devise a business strategy that promotes organic growth and optimal performance throughout their entire company, that delivers transformation without disruption to the core business.

IBT – Is focused on these stress pressures and builds a path to the objectives. We have a strong team and network with cross-category expertise capable of both recognising what can make a difference, building a path to show what needs to be done to execute and providing a team to ensure delivery on time and to budget. 


To move a purely automotive brand into a true luxury lifestyle brand through product, services and mono-branded retail concepts.


Executed branded projects on products including mobile phones, diamond jewellery, home furnishings, home audio, wall art, eyewear, silverware, apparel, leather goods, strollers, toys and bikes. Established partners in the Middle East and Asia who will set up monobranded retail concepts.


Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific.


Created a strategy to provide a wide range of products from best-in-class partners which would appeal to a range of consumers including the uber-rich, car owners, aspirers and fans of both the luxury car and racing brands across the globe. Achieved through creating subbrands at varying price-points to appeal to a range of consumers without devaluing the core brand and finding partners to execute product aligned with this aim.


Harrods, Selfridges, Reinascente, El Cortes Ingles, Collette, luxury boutiques and through selective online outlets.

Our Key Values​

Future & Relevance

At Investor Brands, we believe that an optimised thinking drives progress and should be encouraged at all levels. We don’t pass on innovative ideas for the sake of a safe route. Instead, we create a supportive, adaptable and informative environment so that you are always confident to make bold choices and build the foundations for survival and growth.

Forever Adaptable

In work, the only constant is change. That’s why adapting to changing environments is crucial to staying one step ahead of competitors. We pride ourselves on customising and evolving our approach based on your specific circumstances, goals and best interest.

Personally Accountable

Our work ethic is inquisitive, uncompromising and highly commercial when it comes to achieving your goals. Once we contract on a professional relationship with you, your success becomes our success and one of the senior team will lead all elements of the project.


Simon Brown

CEO and Founder

Transformational leader with entrepreneurial mind-set and proven ability to set up, develop and grow business on a global scale. Clear record in maximising equity value by leading successful omni-channel execution, forging major strategic partnerships, and ensuring customer solutions drive additional commercial value.

Highly analytical commercial product and brand leader leveraging expertise in managing branded propositions across multiple markets, delivering immediate results. Impeccable record of leading customer-centric and service-driven strategies that combine product into customer centric experience. Excels at analysing shifting market trends and seamlessly incorporating change in operation to extract profitability and success in uncertain and fluid circumstances. Exceptionally adept at attaining high customer satisfaction via leveraging disruptive mind-set and operational expertise to deliver service in line with customer needs. Skilled in steering businesses and directing remote teams towards a common goal nurturing cohesion and collaborative culture that’s drives high performance.


David Ball


CFO / Operational / M&A / VC / Sales optimisation / P&L

Global CFO/COO multi sectors

Serial entrepreneur and has experience as the COO of a major Food, Home & Personal care business.

New Ventures Director for Unilever’s UK business and worked extensively within M&A. Set up and became CEO of Myhome a successful domestic services business which he sold at the beginning of 2002.

David has worked for Calvin Klein, Tesco, Harrod’s within brand management, supply-chain and commercial. David is a chartered accountant.