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With a network across EMEA , APAC and North America unlock your potential and drive new revenue streams!

Our Story

Founded in 2012 with experience amassed from APAC, EMEA and the USA, we approach every client with a unique perspective, fine-tuned to thrive on a global scale. Businesses are under pressure to deliver whether it’s results, growth, survival or to release further capital value. Most businesses do not have the resources, knowledge and processes to build a path to deliver these objectives whilst not losing site of the day job. Transformation to stay relevant and grow has never been more in demand and Investor brands can deliver a full end-to-end service that compliments the existing business, adds immediate value and enables you to stay focused on your core activity.

You Give us Trust.
We Give you an achievable plan.

Our Services


Investor Brands consulting offers tailored business consulting and advisory services in Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Execution, Finance and Operations. We use innovative methods to unlock your business’ hidden potential and steer you to success.

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Branding influences the way your customers, employees, competition and wider audiences perceive your company. It is a sum of all your attempts to create a particular UNIQUE image of your business and, though it is not tangible, its impact is tremendous.

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Investor Brands clearly defines business opportunities, bringing a fresh, outward-looking perspective
to your business, backed up with expertise, experience and knowledge.

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Why do you need this service?

We all know that first impressions matter, so it’s essential to define your brand with compelling visuals and a narrative that leaves a lasting impact on your audience. But it must be back-up by the delivery your customers expect. From concept to completion, we will work with you to create tailored key concepts that compliment your business and deliver the right message to your customers.

Stand out amongst your competitors

A strong branded propositions builds a story that will invite your customers to get to know your company from the moment your journey started. It humanises the relationship between company and client, forging a channel of trust that the promises what you are selling will be delivered. Companies with consistent imagery, tone, and messaging across all of their marketing channels have a better chance of standing out and resonating with their target customers therefore driving additional non-core revenue streams.

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